Ever Sleep Past Your Stop?
GeoAlarm is a location-based alarm application for android phones. The alarm comes active at the particular location you have set.
If you want to take a nap in a train or a bus, just set GeoAlarm within upto a 10km radius of your stop. GeoAlarm will notice you when you reach the preset area. Never sleep past your stop again!


  • To add a new alarm, click Add New Alarm button.
  • To set an alarm location, click Select Destination Place from Map button.
  • To turn on/off a specific alarm, click the checkbox on the list.
  • To delete a specific alarm, click "X" icon on the list.
  • To manage and edit a saved alarm, press and hold it from the list.


  • For all android phones running Android 1.5 or higher
  • Set an alarm with location
  • Choose an alert type (Ring Only, Vibrate Only, Both)
  • Each alarm location covers upto 10km radius
  • View all alarms in a simple list
  • Manage and edit your saved alarms with ease
  • Help Included

Useful Scenarios

  • If you are a train or a bus commuter, GeoAlarm can help you take a nap without worrying about missing your stop.
  • Even if the train or the bus you are on is delayed and no one knows the exact arrival time, GeoAlarm will help you rest until getting close to your destination.
  • When you go to an unfamiliar place, GeoAlarm will confirm you that you are on the right way and approaching your destination.
  • When you have an important task to do at a specific place, GeoAlarm will remind you of it with a preset alarm name.


Click Here to download from Android market.


  • Please check if GPS is turned on before use.
    Settings Location Use GPS satellite Turn on
  • Continuous use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
App Name GeoAlarm
Price Free

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