The First Step to Smart-phone
In Japanese, "raku" stands for "easy". RakuRaku Lite provides a very simple and user friendly interface for interacting with contacts.


  • To open the standard dial pad, click "phone" icon in the bottom.
  • To insert new contacts, click "+" icon in the bottom.
  • To search for a contact, type in a part of the name in the top field.
  • To edit and delete a contact, press and hold it.
  • To contact a person from the main screen, click his/her icon to open a contact view.
  • When there is an incoming message or a missed call, "+" icon will be changed into "!".
  • To check the new message or missed call, click "!" icon.


  • For all Android phones running Android 2.1 or higher
  • Simple and user friendly interface
  • Suitable for a first time touch screen smart-phone user, particularly for seniors
  • Manage using the touch screen and the return button only
  • Displays correctly both in horizontal and vertical screen orientation
  • Allow the user to register and edit the contact name, phone number, email and picture


Click Here to download from Android market.


RakuRaku Lite itself has no option to remove the registered contact picture.

If you edit or remove the contact pictures in the default phone book of your phone, the changes will be reflected in RakuRaku Lite automatically.

App Name RakuRaku Lite
Price Free

Copyright(C) BAIT AL-HIKMA